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Data Gathering Parameter

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Parameter Value: [ID or {QVar2}]


Querystring Variable

QVar, which stands for Querystring Variable, lets you execute a Conga Query and use the result of the query as a value for another Conga Composer parameter. Three QVar ID parameters are available:QVar0Id, QVar1Id, and QVar2Id.

* Requires:   The 15-character Salesforce ID of a query record. May optionally include filter criteria.

Usage Guidelines:

  • Set &QVar0Id to the Salesforce ID of a Conga Query record. Optionally, you may pass filter criteria to the Query.
  • The Conga Query must return only one column of data and must not retrieve more than 50 rows of data.
  • Multiple rows of data are returned as a comma-separated list.
  • Use {QVar0} to insert the QVar0 result into another Conga Composer parameter.
  • The resulting values for all QVar variables appear on the Template Builder window.
  • The resulting value may be inserted into most Conga Composer parameters, including &ReportId, &QueryId, &TemplateId, &TemplateGroup and the Email parameters.
  • Duplicate values are automatically stripped from the resulting data.
  • QVars are not recommended for retrieving date values.
  • Use QVars to retrieve Conga Template IDs to pass to &TemplateID when a solution uses &SelectTemplates.
  • May be used with &MFTSValue parameter.
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