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Advanced Control Parameter

Active 1

1 Release 7

1  Release 8


Parameter Value: [APIFIeldName]


Query String Field

The Query String Field parameter gives you the ability to add Conga Composer parameters into a separate Salesforce formula field, and then reference that custom field in the merge process.

This is done by:

  1. Creating a custom formula field on the object on which Composer is built.
  2. Adding Composer parameters to the custom field as a formula, similar to what you do when creating a formula field for Conga Batch.
  3. Referencing the API Name of the newly created formula field as the value of the QueryStringField parameter in the Composer button URL, as shown above.

See Use Case for Query String Fields for more information.

You can include up to three QueryStringField parameters: QueryStringField, QueryStringField1, and QueryStringField2.

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