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Data Gathering Parameter

Active 1

1 Release 7

1  Release 8


Parameter Value: [ID]


Report ID

Retrieves the contents of the specified report (identified by its 15-character Salesforce Id) and makes the report contents available through a dataset as seen on the Template Builder window.

You may include up to 50 Report ID values in a Conga Composer URL, thus making 50 reports accessible in a single merge operation. Conga Composer will retrieve a report that contains a maximum of 2,500 rows.

* Requires:   The 15-character Salesforce ID of a Report. May optionally include filter criteria.

An optional report alias may precede the report ID.

  • Enclose the alias in square brackets
  • Minimum 2 characters, maximum 20
  • Alphanumeric characters only
  • Reserved sheet names may not be used (Master, Org, etc.)
  • The alias must be unique within the button URL


(Two Reports)


(Report with Alias)


(Report with Two Aliases)


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