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Template Selection Parameter

Active 1

Release 7

1  Release 8


Parameter Value: [0, 1 or 2]


Select Templates

Displays the Multiple Template Selection dialog box which allows users to select and arrange up to 20 templates.

You can select templates from any of the following sources:

  • Conga Template Manager
  • Salesforce Content
  • Salesforce Documents Tab

The Salesforce Content Title and Description fields can be located by a search using the dialog box. At this time, the attachments are not indexed.

Salesforce Content may be suppressed by including the &HideContent=1 parameter. Salesforce Content can be set as the default option by including the &DefaultPane=1 parameter.


  • This parameter works especially well with the TemplateGroup parameter, which can be used to ensure that each template has appropriate merge fields.
  • This parameter also works especially well as an inline window, rather than as a traditional pop-up window.
  • If Background Mode (&DS7) is also included, a template must be selected.
  • This parameter does not work with a Qvar that results in a list of template IDs.
Value Definition
0 Select Templates is disabled. (default)
1 Select Templates is enabled.
2 Select Templates is enabled but the Multiple Template Selection dialog box is skipped, allowing for selection of multiple templates on an ad-hoc basis from the regular Conga Composer user interface.