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Sertifi Integration Parameter

Active 1

1  Release 8


Parameter Value: [Contact ID]

* Requires:   
  • A Salesforce Contact ID or a field containing a Contact ID.
  • Recipients 3, 4, and 5 require automatic Sertifi delivery via the API using either &DS7=301, &DS7=302, or &QMode=Sertifi.
  • Sertifi for Salesforce version 5.87 or later.


Sertifi Signer ID

Specifies additional recipients of the merged document to be delivered via Sertifi by their Contact ID. These additional recipients may only be specified when running the Composer solution over the API.

There are five signer parameters available: SertifiSigner1Id, SertifiSigner2Id, SertifiSigner3Id, SertifiSigner4Id, and SertifiSigner5Id.

You can also use dynamic field content for the parameter value: &SertifiSigner1Id={!Contact.Id}

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