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Template Selection Parameters

This page contains links to the parameters belonging to this category. If you need more information about parameters in general and how to use them, visit the following links:

Before You Start: A Few Rules About Parameters  |  Adding Parameters to a Solution  |  How Parameters are Formatted


You can use template selection parameters to include up to 10 merge templates to use in your Conga Composer solution.


DefaultLocal specifies the default template source.

DefaultPane sets Salesforce Content as the default option in the Select Templates view.

DS4 locks the list of template choices so that a user cannot select a different template.

DS8 displays the Local Template tab.

HideContent hides Salesforce Content and Documents from the Select Templates view.

SelectTemplates selects and arranges up to 10 templates.

TemplateID preselects a template in a solution.

TemplateGroup filters a list of templates that appear in the Conga Composer dialog box.

TNC specifies criteria to filter the template names that appear on the Conga Composer page.

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