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Conga Support

About Conga Query Manager

The Conga® Query Manager supercharges your ability to gather Salesforce® data through Conga Composer® and Conga Mail Merge.  By harnessing the flexibility of SOQL (Salesforce Object Query Language) SELECT statements, you can take your Conga Composer solutions to new heights.

Conga Query Manager is included automatically with installations of Conga Composer Release 8.

What are Conga Queries?

Conga Queries are records stored in the Conga Query Manager custom object.  Each record contains a SOQL SELECT statement that is specifically tuned to work in conjunction with Conga Composer and Conga Mail Merge.

These SELECT statements provide detail data in Conga Composer operations, such as values from Related Lists and Lookup fields, to name a few.  Additionally, Conga Queries can function with the MassMerge wizard in Conga Mail Merge to supply the master and detail data.

Are Conga Queries Difficult to Write?

Crafting SOQL SELECT statements used to be quite complicated and tedious, however, using the Conga Query Builder, creating SOQL queries is as easy as building a Salesforce Report.

Why not use Salesforce Reports?

Conga Queries have certain strengths over the use of Salesforce® Reports for gathering data:

  • Queries are slightly faster and more reliable than Salesforce Reports.
  • Queries can access objects that cannot be displayed in Salesforce Reports (Notes, Approval History).
  • Queries reduce clutter on the Reports Tab.
  • Queries have tighter security and visibility controls than Salesforce Reports.
  • Queries are more reliable when multiple queries (say, over 10) are included in Conga Composer solution.

 Due to the complicated nature of SOQL statements, our support staff can only assist with the creation of SOQL statements generated through our tools, such as Conga Query Builder.