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Conga Support

Advanced Conga Queries

After creating a query with the Conga® Query Builder, you may edit the SELECT statement (in the Salesforce® record) to add SOQL features that aren't currently available from the Query Builder.

A popular reason to do so is to include one or more of the new SOQL aggregation functions such as SUM( ), COUNT( ), COUNT_DISTINCT(), AVG( ) and GROUP BY which allow you to group and summarize a collection of records.

Once a query has been manually edited, do not use the Query Builder again on that record because the manual edits are overridden. Use Select Count(ID) from the Opportunity

Due to the complicated nature of SOQL statements, our support staff can only assist with the creation of SOQL statements generated through our tools, such as Conga Query Builder.

Please consult the Salesforce SOQL documentation for complete details about the aggregation functions.

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