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Conga Support

Conga Query Manager Limits

The following limits apply to Conga® Queries built and managed with the Conga Query Manager:

  • Conga Composer® supports queries that result in a maximum of 25,000 rows and no more than 10 Mb of total data.
  • Each Conga Composer solution has a combined row limit of 25,000.
  • The resulting dataset from a query that uses a GROUP BY clause may contain a maximum of 200 rows.
  • Salesforce® doesn't support queries that attempt to group on a formula field.
  • Salesforce doesn't support queries of more than 10,000 characters.

Querying objects with large numbers of records may result in timeouts.  Refer to Salesforce documentation about working with large datasets.

 Due to the complicated nature of SOQL statements, our support staff can only assist with the creation of SOQL statements generated through our tools, such as Conga Query Builder.