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Conga Support

Retrieving a document stored in a Salesforce file

Use a SOQL query to retrieve files stored in Salesforce when launching a Composer button. To leverage a SOQL query that retrieves files stored in Salesforce, create a Conga Query record with the syntax below. 


FROM ContentDocumentLink

WHERE LinkedEntityId = '{pv0}'

To show the most recent File from the related list, add the following to the query:
        ORDER BY  ContentDocument.LastModifiedDate DESC LIMIT 1


To show File(s) that contain a key phrase, add the following to the query:
        AND ContentDocument.Title LIKE '%KeyPhrase%'

Add the new Conga Query record to a Composer button URL with the Qvar0ID, Qvar0Format, and TemplateID parameters. Reference the sample syntax below.




Limited to 20 templates or document files.