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Conga Support

Add Salesforce Reports to a Conga Composer Button URL Manually

You can use existing Salesforce® reports to gather the data for your merge document.

To add Salesforce reports to a button URL:

Before You Begin: The button URL must exist and be open in edit mode. If not already open, click Setup > Customize > [Object] > Buttons, Links, and Actions and select the button you want to edit.
In addition, all reports or queries must exist and have a Salesforce ID. (You can run the report or query to see the Salesforce ID.)

  1. Click at the end of the button URL and press ENTER to begin a new line.

  2. Type &ReportID=, the report alias (enclosed by brackets) and the report's Salesforce ID.

    Type the parameter and value pair using the following format: &[Parameter]=[value].
    Each parameter must include a valid value and may not include spaces. You can replace spaces in a value with the plus sign (+).

    Ensure that the report is visible to the end-user running the solution.

  3. To add additional reports, separate each report alias and Salesforce ID with a comma.

  4. Click Save.

Test the button to ensure the correct data is retrieved.