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Best Practices: Report Naming Conventions

When naming reports created for use with Conga Composer®, we suggest you adopt a naming convention that reflects:

  • The Master object for the Conga Composer solution the report is intended to support

  • The name of the button or link to which the report belongs (Account Plan, Custom Invoice, etc.)

  • The Report Alias – a description of the data being retrieved

  • The Salesforce® report type – to save space in the report name, this can be listed in the report’s description field

In the example below, four Salesforce reports called from a Conga Composer solution titled Executive Brief on a Contact page layout might be named as follows (note the Report Alias in brackets):

The Executive Brief button URL then looks as follows:

By following this guidance, you will find it much easier to locate the Salesforce report responsible for the dataset revealed on the Template Builder window.