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About Conga Composer

Conga Composer® enables Salesforce® customers to customize, streamline and scale document generation and reporting for unlimited use cases across all organizations and industries. Composer can automatically populate richly-formatted templates with data from any standard or custom object in Salesforce.

You can place a button on a layout to invoke Conga Composer

As an admin, you build a Composer solution and place that button on a page layout. Your end-users can then click the button to run the solution. You can allow end-users to make selections, such as which template to use for the final merged files, or you can pre-select templates and other options and run the solution entirely in the background. You can also automate solutions using Salesforce workflows or on a schedule.

Conga Composer includes three ways of building a solution:

Solution Manager is included automatically in Conga Composer release 8.7 and above. Solution Manager is an intuitive interface that makes building solutions much easier. Release 8.7 also introduced Solution Packs, ready-made solutions that enable admins to produce and release a solution in minutes. 

Placing a custom button or link on any object’s page layout gives you immediate access to all its fields and Salesforce reports or SOQL queries can retrieve any additional required data from as many as 50 other objects or lists. Composer gives you the ability to build richly-formatted templates that are completely customized to your business. Composer provides easy access to available data, fields are mapped directly to your template, and then the built-in template manager stores them in Salesforce for user selection on predefined routines.

You can create templates in:

  • Microsoft Word®
  • Microsoft Excel®
  • Microsoft PowerPoint®
  • Portable Document Format (PDF)
  • Email and HTML Email

Templates allow you to group and sort data as well as conditionally display results or user-entered text. You have the full power of each application to arrange and format your output documents.

Once generated, Conga Composer offers a variety of options for downloading, storing and delivering your output files, including:

  • Download immediately
  • Email automatically
  • Send for eSignature
  • Save directly in Salesforce, Google Drive®, or SpringCM®
  • Post to Chatter®

You can also create a solution that logs activity. For instance, you can create completed tasks, instantly update fields, assign follow-up tasks to specific users, and save copies of your output in Salesforce.

Composer can completely automate entire business processes. You can apply parameters to control the behavior of your Composer button and streamline the user experience. The options are virtually limitless – preselect up to 10 templates to generate one or more output files, use parameters to restrict options in the user interface or enable background mode to bypass it entirely.

Composer also offers powerful add-ons for running solutions in batches, scheduling the creation and delivery of files, or based on a Salesforce workflow rule. These include: