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About Conga Composer Solution Manager

With an intuitive interface to build Conga Composer® solutions, the Conga Composer Solution Manager dramatically accelerates the creation of document automation solutions. Administrators can simply gather the required information for the solution and enter it into a familiar Salesforce® page layout, with menu-driven options for defining the desired output, distribution method and other customized behaviors. It is a one-stop shop for creating new Conga Composer solutions which allows Administrators to easily add reports, queries, parameters and templates all within one tab.

Solution Manager for Conga Composer is intended to:

  • Provide an easier way to create new Conga Composer solutions.
  • Jump start new, advanced Conga Composer solutions.
  • Provide an organizational tool for the components of a Conga Composer button.

It’s not intended as:

  • A replacement for the standard way of creating complex Conga Composer solutions.
  • A way to manage existing Conga Composer solutions.

You cannot reference merge fields that are not on the Master Object in a parameter or User object. In addition, you can add formula syntax, but you must know the correct syntax; the Solution Manager cannot access the Salesforce Function editor.

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