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Conga Support

Configure the Conga Composer Connected App

Administrators can pre-approve users to connect via OAuth when running solutions. This method masks the session ID and URL when using Visualforce® buttons, and prevents pop-up authorization requests on mobile devices when running Composer solutions on Salesforce1®.

In addition to configuring Conga Composer® as a Connected App, you will want to Create Conga Composer OAuth buttons (or update existing non-OAuth buttons) to launch your Composer solutions.  This is not required in Salesforce Classic®, but it is required in Salesforce Lightning®.

To configure Conga Composer as a connected app to use OAuth:

  1. Navigate to Setup > Manage Apps > Connected Apps > Conga Composer.

  2. Click Edit.

  3. Change the Permitted Users picklist to Admin approved users are pre-authorized.

Admins must be pre-approved in the Connected App.  If not, you may see an error message when trying to launch a Conga Composer OAuth button.

  1. Designate which users connect to Conga Composer via OAuth by adding Profiles (click Manage Profiles) or Permission Sets (click Manage Permission Sets). 

 After setting the Permitted Users to be pre-authorized, administrators can add Profiles or Permission Sets in order to           specify which users are approved (also include the Sys Admin profile when setting profiles).


Pre-approved users will not see Allow or Deny prompts when accessing Composer via OAuth, and Conga Composer           automatically creates a refresh token.

          Users who are not part of the defined Profiles or Permission Sets will be denied access.