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Preparing Conga Composer Settings for use in a Sandbox

You can configure your instance of Salesforce so that if you later generate a Sandbox from the production instance, Conga automatically transfers your license information to the Sandbox. This is recommended for any organization using Sandboxes. Conga views each Sandbox as a new 30-day free trial of Conga Composer.

: Configuring Conga Composer Settings in a production instance will only affect new sandboxes and does not have any influence on existing, refreshed sandboxes.

To configure Conga Composer for use in a sandbox:

  1. In your Production instance, copy your Salesforce Organization ID to the clipboard. 

    To view your ID, visit Setup > Company Profile > Company Information.

  2. In Setup, click Develop > Custom Settings. 

  3. Click Manage for Conga Composer. 

  4. If necessary, click New to create a new record, otherwise click Edit

  5. In the Name field, type Conga Settings

  6. In the Production Org ID field, paste your Organization ID. 

  7. Click Save.

With this Custom Setting established, Conga carries the ID of your Production instance to any Sandboxes generated. The first time you click a Conga button from within the Sandbox, Conga recognizes that the Sandbox is linked to an existing production instance and automatically transfer account subscription dates and template manager settings. User permissions are not transferred. Conga user license restrictions are not enforced in Sandbox instances.

: Remember to e-mail after installation (if you have not done so already) to ensure the fastest provisioning of any additional licenses or Composer automation products.

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