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Conga Support

Assign User Licenses

When installing Conga Composer from the AppExchange, you automatically have access to 10 licenses, one of which is assigned to the administrator who installed Composer. 

 It is recommended to use Salesforce Classic to assign licenses.

To assign the remaining licenses for Conga Composer:

  1. Navigate to the Installed Packages in Salesforce. 

  2. Click Manage Licenses next to Conga Composer. 

  3. Click Add Users. 

  4. Select the box to the left of names of the users who need access to Conga Composer. 

  5. Click Add to add the selected users. 

  6. Click Add Users to save changes. 

  Remember to email when you have installed (if you have not done so already) to ensure the fastest provisioning of any additional licenses and our Composer automation products.