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Create a Conga Composer OAuth Button

If you want to use OAuth with Conga Composer®, you must create special Conga Composer OAuth buttons. These buttons are included in the managed package. You can use the managed buttons or follow the procedure below to update the URL of an existing button.

You must use Composer OAuth buttons in Salesforce Lightning®

To create a Conga Composer OAuth button:

  1. Navigate to Leads, Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities, Cases, Contracts, or Solutions > Buttons, Links and Actions > Conga Composer (OAuth) to locate a managed Conga Composer OAuth button. 

  2. Copy the contents of the Button or Link URL field to your clipboard.

  3. Navigate to your desired standard or custom object.

  4. Click New Button or Link

  5. Complete the Label field to give the button a name. 

  6. Press Tab or click in the Behavior field to automatically populate the Name field.

  7. In the Behavior field, select Display in new window

  8. In the URL field, paste the Button or Link URL you copied in step 2. 

  9. Click Save

10. Click Window Open Properties, set the Height to 660 and Width to 900, and then click Save

11. Add your button to the object’s page layout. The button is available from the button drop-down list on the record.

12. (Optional): To make the button visible on the record itself, add the button to the Salesforce1 and Lightning Experience Actions section on the page layout. Drag and drop the button to the Salesforce1 and Lightning Actions section.

After creating the Conga Composer OAuth button, administrators must configure Conga Composer as a Connected App and grant access to specific users via Profiles or Permission sets.  These steps are covered in Configure the Conga Composer Connected App.

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