When you install the Conga Composer free 30-day trial in a production instance you are granted 10 Conga Composer user licenses for use during the trial period. One of the ten Conga Composer user licenses must be assigned to the System Administrator. Contact your Account Executive if you require your trial to be extended. 

Click here to learn how to assign the Conga Composer user licenses.

Conga Composer Add-on Trials

Conga Batch: You must install Conga Batch. Anyone wishing to run Conga Batch must have an assigned Conga Composer license.

Conga Trigger: You must install Conga Trigger. Conga Trigger runs under the System Administrator license.

Conga Mail Merge and Conga QuickMerge: You must install one or both of these products. Anyone wishing to run either of these products must have an assigned Conga Composer license.

Conga Courier

No licenses are required during the free 30-day trial for Conga Courier.