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Audit field permissions and creating content versions

When the API user has the audit field permissions turned on, the fields will be maintained when creating content versions. Created Date and Created By are maintained when the Suite file is versioned, deleted and recreated.

To enable audit field permissions, take the following steps:

  1. Navigate to Salesforce Home and then User Interface.
  2. Select Enable the Salesforce Classic: 2010 User Instance Theme.
  3. Navigate back to Salesforce Home and search for Permissions.
  4. Select Permission Sets.  
  5. Under Enter permission set the following information:
    • Label: Allow API User To Set Audit Fields
    • API Name: Allow_API_User_To_Set_Audit_Fields
  6. Select Set Audit Fields upon Record Creation.
  7. Select Update Records with Inactive Owners.
  8. Go to Administer, then Manage Users.
  9. Under Permissions Sets, select Allow API User To Set Audit Fields and enable all fields that apply.
  10. Click Add Assignments and locate and add users who need permissions. Ensure users are Active by checking the Active column.
  11. Go to Administer, then Manage Users.
  12. Under Permissions Sets, go to Assign Users and select All Users to see users with permissions.
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