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Installing and Configuring the Quickstart

The Conga Contracts Quickstart is an optional add on to the Contracts for Salesforce product to enable subscribers to quickly set up an integration between Conga Contracts for Salesforce and Conga Contracts.

You can install the Conga Contracts for Salesforce Quickstart unmanaged package to your Org. This allows you to connect the Conga Contracts Suite for external file storage and Conga Contracts to map Salesforce data to your Org. The connection between systems and contract request actions are active.

  • You must have a Conga Contracts Org.
  • You must have a Conga Contracts Org that is not already connected to a Salesforce instance.

Step 1: Set up the connection in Contracts for Salesforce

To set up the connection in Contracts for Salesforce:

  1. Turning on External File Storage.  Go to Setup > Platforms > General.
  2. Connect the Contracts Suite (Platform). Go to Setup > Platforms > Connection.
  3. Create an External Connection. Go to Setup > Platforms > Connection.
Step 2: Install the Conga Contracts Quickstart package

To install the Quickstart, go to:

Step 3: Assign a permission set

You must assign your user the Conga Contracts Quickstart permission set. You should see the Quickstart app. Go in to the Conga Contracts Quickstart app and follow the instructions in the setup tab.

Step 4: Enable mappings

Go to Conga Contracts for Salesforce Setup > Platforms > Connection and enable all the mappings. Edit or add mapped fields.

Recommendations and tips
  • When you connect a Contracts for Salesforce and Conga Contracts Org, your connection should remain stable and consistent. Disconnecting the Conga Contracts Org or the Contracts for Salesforce Org causes errors and lack of functionality in the one or both Orgs.
  • You must move the expiration date on the Contracts for Salesforce Org. Visit the Contracts for Salesforce partner community here:

For more information see the Conga Contracts Quickstart.

To start the integration between Conga Contracts and Contracts for Salesforce, you must enable the mappings in the Conga Contracts Setup page. See Configuring Contracts for Salesforce and Conga Contracts for more help.


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