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Accounts not syncing from Conga Contracts to Salesforce when creating new company in approval process

Accounts are not syncing from Conga Contracts to Salesforce when creating new company in an approval process. 

A new Conga Contracts Company record does not sync to Salesforce.  The "Nothing to Sync" error message displays in the new Company's status widget. If you finish processing the request after creating this new company, the new Contract does not sync over to Salesforce. You see an error because you linked the new Contract to an unmapped Account. 

If you log into Conga Contracts that is connected to a Salesforce org, set up the object mapping as normal in the connected Salesforce org.

  1. Go to My Place > Requests > New Request.
  2. Select a request type.
  3. Type a value into the Company Name field that does not match an existing Company in Conga Contracts or an existing Account in Salesforce. contracts-novalueselected.png
  4. Submit the Request.
  5. Go to My Place > Approvals
  6. Select the + on the approval you created by submitting the request. The request approval process starts.
  7. On the approval, select Create New Company.contracts-createnewco.png
  8. Add all required fields and click Save.
  9. View the status widget on the new company and navigate to the Salesforce instance and view all Accounts.

Creating this new Company in Conga Contracts should create a new Account in Salesforce. The status widget on the newly created company should say Synced.