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Sync fails from Salesforce when fields on the table have the same name but different namespaces

Syncing documents and configurations fail in Contracts for Salesforce when fields on the internal table have the same name in a table in Conga Contracts but different namespaces.

If you encounter an error:

  1. When you create fields on a contract, it should be called the Primary Document.
  2. Create a field of the same name in Conga Contracts.
  3. Set up contract mapping as usual. There is no need to map Primary Document.
  4. Create a new contract from Salesforce.

You might see that you get the "Nothing to Sync" message. The backend code results in an error for duplicate fields in the query. The code should account for same named fields by qualifying with namespaces in the query.

 Salesforce automatically appends the namespace of the managed package to all custom fields in the dynamic query that has no namespace (such as custom fields).


Change the name of the field. Name Conga Contracts for Salesforce fields with a prefix to make it less likely that customers have the same name.

Note that the duplicate field error is just one potential issue that could come from having same named fields with our customers' orgs. If we happened to just want to query the customer's field and not our field, we could querying our field because of this automatic appending of namespace that Salesforce does.