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Unable to map the same field in Salesforce to different fields in Contracts

Client has a requirement to map Opportunity name to 2 fields in Conga Contracts. The mapping UI allows this but integration throws an error.

  • Ensure to test one Conga Contracts for Salesforce (CCFS) field to multiple Conga Contracts fields and 1 Conga Contracts field to multiple CCFS fields.
  • When doing bidirectional syncing on one field mapped to multiple targets, note that the other direction would be tricky since there will be multiple field values being mapped to one. The sync logic will only use the value from the first field mapping that it processes.
  • When the Primary is different for the different mappings, the sync logic will only use the setting from the first field mapping it processes.

Confirmed you can now map one field in CCFS and Conga Contracts to two fields in the opposite system. Test one way and bidirectional syncs where:

  • CCFS was the winner in both field mappings
  • Conga Contracts was the winner 
  • A combination of the two being the winners
  • Test on the Account/Company objects and with Contracts requests. 


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