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Standard Permission and User Types

This page applies to: Conga Contracts

Conga Contracts provides 36 default permission types, which are used to control user access to program data, tasks, and features such as Search Queries, Reporting, and approving or making contract requests. System Administrators create individual user roles and assign one or more permission types to each role. Administrators then add program users to Conga Contracts and assign one or more roles to each user. 

There are seven (7) permissions reserved for standard users and casual users. Standard users are typically assigned one or more of the following permissions: Reporting, Scheduled Reporting, Advanced Reporting, Scorecard Viewing, and Direct Editing (Open in Word). Casual users have restricted permissions and are typically limited to the Requester and/or Restrict to My Contracts permissions.

Table 1: Standard and Casual Users



Advanced Reporting

Create, format, edit, and generate advanced reports.

Open in Microsoft Word (Direct Editing)

Edit Microsoft Word Documents within Conga Contracts.


Create, modify, generate, delete, copy, and share global reports.


Limits user to making contract requests (legacy or enhanced mode).

Restrict To My Contracts

Limited to viewing the contracts for which the user has a responsibility; however, permissions to run the eSignature Package Wizard and download documents can be granted.

  This role overrides all other user roles.

Scheduled Reporting

Create, modify, and delete scheduled reports.

Scorecard Viewing

View Company, Contract, and Project scorecards.

The remaining 29 permissions are used to grant permissions to power users and administrators. Power users and Administrators can be assigned one or more of the following permissions to perform tasks or manage program features, such as Companies, Contracts, Projects, Users, Roles, Contract Requests, Contract Approvals, Contract Creation Templates, Clauses, Additional Forms, Flows, Workflows, Reports, Document Packages, Scorecards, Supplier Registrations, and Systems Settings.

Table 2: Power Users and Administrators



Additional Forms Admin

Create and modify additional company, contract, and project forms and manage additional fields in the Company, Contract, and Project Profiles.


Create, modify, and delete Analytics Reports.  See Conga Contracts Analytics Document.


Approve contract requests.

BI Tool Create, modify, and delete BI Toolbox analyses, reports, and dashboards.
Bulk Data Upload Tool Simultaneously upload multiple companies, contracts, and additional forms.

Clause Admin

Create, modify, and delete clauses, regardless of the clause's security level.

Company Admin

Perform administrative functions for companies, including using the wizards: Merger/ Acquisition, Change Name, Archive, and Mark as Legal Entity.

Contract Admin

Perform administrative functions for contracts, such as archiving contracts, and using the wizards: Creation, Renew Contract, Document Package, Assign Contract.

Creation Template Admin

Create, modify, and delete creation templates.

Document Package Admin

Administer document packages.

Email Distribution Lists

Create, modify, and delete email distribution lists.

eSignature Admin

Create and void DocuSign or EchoSign envelopes.

Flow Admin

Run a flow on an existing Contract, Company, or Project Profile, override a flow step, and invalidate a flow.

Flow Template Admin (Contract, Company, and Project)

Review the components of a template and review flow actions and steps; view flow templates; add a flow template; add a workflow to a flow template; filter; publish; edit; delete; inactivate/reactivate a flow template; and reorder flow templates.

Global Documents Admin

Update and delete global documents.

Global Messaging Admin

View, create, modify, and delete global Dashboard messages.

Global Translation Admin

Translate and edit the translation of items in the List Admin screen; and download a translation file.

List Admin
  • Administer list values in List Administration screen for companies, contracts, projects, addresses, clauses, additional fields, additional forms, documents, global translations, people, company relationships, and workflow routing tables.
  • View, create, copy, modify, and delete event alert templates.
  • View, create, modify, and delete task lists.
Profile Rules Admin
  • View, create, modify, and delete profile rules for both system (default) fields and any additional fields in Company, Contract, and Project Profiles.
  • View, create, modify, and delete profile rules for Company, Contract, and Project Additional Forms.

Project Admin

Create projects using teams, and modify projects.

Report Admin

Perform administrative functions for reports.

Request Admin

View, add, modify, and delete contract request types.

Role Admin

View, add, copy, modify, and delete users roles; generate a Role and Permissions Report; and view the history of changes to a role.

Scorecard Admin

View, create, modify, and delete scorecard Answer Profiles; view, create, modify, and delete Scorecard Components; and view, create, modify, and delete Scorecards.

Supplier Registration Admin

View and approve Supplier registrations.

Supplier Registration Type Admin

View, create, modify, and delete supplier registration types; add, edit, and delete documents from a supplier registration type.

System Settings Admin

Send Global Messages, Configure System settings, Email settings, Integration settings for DocuSign (or Adobe Sign) and Salesforce, API settings, and Migration settings.

  This role allows access to all data and program features, and also permits the person to perform all system tasks, including managing event alert templates and task lists, which are available when any Admin permission is granted to the user.

User Admin

View a list of users, add users, copy user information, edit user information, disable/re-enable users, generate user reports, generate user Login Reports.

Microsoft Word Add-In Access Install the Microsoft Word Add-In plugin and update a document in Word using Conga Contracts clauses.
Workflow Admin

View, create, copy, modify, and delete the available Workflow Templates; view, create, copy, modify, and delete the various Workflow Teams; and view, create, copy, edit, and delete the various Routing Tables.

This role allows Administrators to perform both the administrative tasks shown above and the user tasks for any workflow. User tasks include (1) completing, reassigning, and approving any step in the workflow (2) managing workflow documents, and (3) editing, closing, and deleting the workflow.

  User roles work in conjunction with default permissions by allowing Administrators to create individual roles in Conga Contracts and then assign one or more permissions to each user role. In addition, security can be applied to a user role so that the groups (Company, Contract, and Project) that can be accessed by the users assigned to that role can be limited, as well as the level of access to additional forms and document types. Once all the user roles have been defined, Administrators can then add users to Conga Contracts.