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Conga Contracts Portal

This page applies to: Conga Contracts

Conga Contracts includes a secure module known as the Portal, which is an online forum that your customers and clients can access to share information, exchange documents, negotiate contracts, and sign documents using electronic signatures. The Portal is also used to register suppliers (or vendors) who want to do business with your company.

Customers and clients receive the URL for the Portal from a link in an email message that is generated by the Document Package Wizard or the eSignature Package Wizard (from DocuSign). 

Administrators are responsible for providing a link to the Portal to potential suppliers or vendors during the Supplier Registration process. During this process, Administrators can provide the link to suppliers via email, or the Administrator can post the link on their company's website.

  The individuals who participate in document packages, the electronic signing process, and supplier registrations via the Portal are known as external participants.

Logging in to the Portal

1.  Ensure the I have an account radio button is selected.

2.  In the Email Address field, enter the email address that was used to invite you to the document package, participate in the eSignature process, or register as a supplier.

If you have not already set up your Portal account, you must create an account.

3.  In the Password field, enter your password.

If you don't remember your password, click the Forgot Password button to answer a security question. Once you correctly answer the question, you receive an email message containing a link to a screen that allows you to reset your password.

4.  Click Login.

Creating a Portal Account

If you do not have a login to Conga Contracts, but you are an external participant in a Conga Contracts process, you are required to login to the Portal. If you do not have a Conga Contracts Portal account, you will be required to create one.

1.  Select the I need to register radio button.

2.  When the screen refreshes:

  • Provide the required User Information.
  • Click the Portal Settings link to display the options:
    • Clear the appropriate check box if you do not want to receive an email when a document is checked out of or back into the document package, or when a document in the document package was completed.

3.  Click Register.

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