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Conga Contracts Features and Editions

Conga Contracts offers editions tailored to your every need. The Repository Edition allows you to store and search contracts in a secure, central location. The Business Edition adds the ability to manage approvals, workflows, and signatures. The Enterprise Edition, our most inclusive edition, allows you to manage complex workflows and negotiations where risk is your top priority.





Repository Store, locate, and search all contracts. Understand the relationships between contracts in the same family.
OCR (Optical Character Recognition) Automatically perform OCR on your PDF files to take advantage of full-text searches.
3rd Party Contracts Bring 3rd party paper into the system. Track and compare 3rd party contracts, map their data to fields for reconciliation, and identify which clauses should be saved in the clause library.
Alert Notifications Create and deliver alert notifications for every aspect of the contract management process that needs to be managed, so nothing gets forgotten.
Single Sign On Integration A Single Sign-On service(SSO) for our clients to provide ease of user administration and greater security controls. Ideal for clients with a large user base due to ease of implementation and affordable cost.
Contract Creation Leverage existing company data in the system when a new contract is created from a Company Profile by generating a root (parent) or incorporated (child) Contract Profile where information is stored and managed.
Open in Word Make it easy to review and  redline in the format that you — or the other party —prefers.
Redlining & True-Up™ Automatically track changes, and record accepted changes in your system of record.
Reporting Enable standard and ad hoc reports on contract status and timelines, and access live overviews of contract activities.
Word Plugin The plug-in allows the Conga Contracts Clause Library to run inside the Word application, so that clauses stored in the Library can be dragged-and-dropped into a Word document.  
Clause Library Store commonly used clauses and alternates that are pre-approved by legal to speed up contract authoring and negotiations, while maintaining control.  
Workflows & Approvals Automatically route tasks to appropriate parties and track their interaction and cycle times.  
eSignature Integration Create a seamless, end-to-end contract process, from negotiation to signature, and keep an audit trail.  
Salesforce Integration Integrates with CRM software to associate contracts with customer records, and with CPQ software to feed calculated quote details into the contract.  

API Conga Contracts Public API provides a set of web services for users to create and modify data in the system. The public API supports both SOAP and REST clients.   ✓* ✓*
Clause Management Allows a user to select a match between a clause in an uploaded document and an existing clause type stored in Conga Contracts.    
Scorecard Take business administration to the next level of decision-making with custom, quantifiable scorecards for your companies, contracts, and projects.    
Negotiation Portal The Negotiation Portal is a collaborative workspace that provides secure access for buyers and sellers to invite participants to a contract negotiation to share information, exchange documents, negotiate contracts, and sign documents using electronic signatures.    
Integration Hub Allows you to hook into a standard set of out-of-the-box integrations that connect Conga Contracts to other systems, including other CRM, ERP, or CPQ.     ✓*

 ✓*Additional cost or professional services time may be required for some use cases.

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