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Program Security Overview

This page applies to: Conga Contracts

Conga Contracts offers multi-level security using the Roles, Users, and Lists features, which work together so that very specific permissions can be granted to individual users.  A user with the Role Admin permission must first create a role and then assign one, none, or a combination of the 38 default permission types to the role. A permission type grants administrative access to a program module or grants user access to a restricted module. Once roles are created, a user with the User Admin permission adds program users to Conga Contracts and assigns one or more roles to each user.  

In creating a role, security can be applied by granting/denying access to Contract, Company, and Project Profiles based on the group to which the Profile belongs. A user with the List Admin permission creates the individual company, contract, and project groups that are used to limit user access. For example, a List Admin can create a Restricted group for companies, contracts, and projects.  A Role Admin then limits access to the restricted company, contract, and project groups to specific user roles.  A Role Admin also controls access to secure additional forms and document types by limiting their access to specific user roles.

The following features are used to secure the information stored in Conga Contracts and limit access to program data and tasks:

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