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Adding a User

This page applies to: Conga Contracts

You need the User Admin permission to add a program user to Conga Contracts. When you add a user, you must complete a User Profile, which stores basic information for the user, including their password and all the functions they can perform. The Profile also defines the roles the user will play in Conga Contracts.

  • Functions are similar to job titles in that they define the duties that the user performs, such as Contract Manager, Sales Representative, or Attorney.  Functions are used in several program features, including adding a contract responsibility in a Contract Profile, establishing the points of contact for a company in a Company Profile, and identifying the users who can complete and/or approve a workflow step and a flow step.
  • Roles is a security feature used to control user access to both program modules and stored data. Roles not only identify the tasks that the user can perform and the modules that the user can access and/or administer, but also the amount and type of data that is available to them. Roles can be created in accordance with the 38 default permission types provided by Conga Contracts, or a Role Admin can create a user role based on access to security groups.

      Before adding a user, ensure all the roles and functions needed for the user have been created. Also ensure that the user has not already been added by searching for the user.

1.  Click the Gear Icon in the Navigation Toolbar, and click the Users link in the menu.

2.  In the Users screen, click New User in the toolbar.

3. In the User Profile screen, populate the required fields:

  • Email Address
  • Login Name - the login name can be the user's email address or some combination of their first and last names
  • Password and Confirm Password
    • To make the password temporary, select the Force Password Change check box.

   If  the Password and Confirm Password fields do not display, the Enable Auto Passwords check box is selected in the System Settings screen.  This option allows Conga Contracts to generate a temporary password for the new user, and then send the user an email message containing all the required login information: (1) link to Conga Contracts (2) login name, and (3) temporary password.

  • First Name and Last Name
  • Functions - Click a function the user can hold to select it.
    • Hold the CTRL key on your keyboard while clicking additional functions to assign more than one function to the user. To clear a selected function, click it.

It is recommended that you keep a record of each user's email address, login name, and password, as well as the URL for the program:

4.  (Recommended) Validate or make selections in the following fields:

  • Force Password Change - select the check box to force the user to change their password the first time they log in.  If you are using the system-generated password option, the check box does not display.
  • Manager - click the ˅ icon in the field to display the Address Book and assign one or more managers for the user.
  • User Type - assign the user to one of the following user types:
    • Full - user can view, create, and modify the information in the Profiles for all the Company, Contract, and Projects groups for which they have been granted access.
    • Contract Request Only - user can only view and manage their contract requests.  The user cannot view any other data or access any other program features.
    • Casual User - user can only view the information in the Profiles for all the Company, Contract, and Projects groups for which they have been granted access. This option overrides any create/modify permissions granted through a user role.
  • Date Format - validate the default selection, or change the way dates are displayed for the user by selecting Day/Month/Year or Year-Month-Day in the list.
  • Number Format - validate the default selection or change the way numbers are displayed for the user by selecting International Format [0.000,00] in the list.

  If a field list includes a question mark ? icon, you can type the first letter(s) of your entry into the field to automatically display a list of suggested matches. Click the correct suggestion to automatically populate the field.

5.  Populate any other required fields in the Person Profile section.

6.  (Optional) Populate the remaining fields in the Person Profile and Person Generic Fields sections.

The fields in the Person Generic Fields section are Administrator-defined field lists whose field names and list items are defined by users with the List Admin permission.

7.  In the bottom section of the screen, select the check boxes for the role(s) the user can hold in Conga Contracts.

      In assigning multiple roles to a user, the permissions of a secondary role can supersede the permissions of the user's primary role if not set up properly. Therefore, it is important to be diligent in assigning multiple roles to a user to ensure the combined permissions do not exceed the scope of the user's capabilities.

8.  Click Save.


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