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Smart Document Generation

Conga Contracts offers the ability to generate documents with the proper clauses and fields merged into it depending on the data within the contract, company, and additional form profiles. With Smart Document Generation, Administrators select possible data fields where answers to questions are located so that they do not have to be entered manually. 

To set up Smart Document Generation:

  1. Go to the Gear Icon.
  2. Select Creation Templates
  3. Select a Template.
  4. Click Template Question.
  5. In the Questions section, click on the Answer Source column and make a selection.
    An example of an Answer Source is Agreement Type.
  6. In the Answers section, create Answers by selecting the Answer Text and optional Description.
    An example of an Answer Text selection is Individual.
  7. In the Actions section, create an Action by selection an Action Type and Action Actor associated with each Answer.
    An example Action Type is Remove Section with the title of a section selected as the Action Actor.
  8. Select Creation Template Fields and click Save.
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