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Adding an Item to a Linked Field List

This page applies to: Conga Contracts

A user with the List Admin and Additional Forms Admin permission can add two types of linked fields to an additional form or to an additional field in a Contract, Company, or Project Profile: Linked Combo Field and Linked Multi-Select Field. Both fields work in conjunction with the Combo List, which must be added to the form or Profile first. Next, one of the linked fields is associated to the Combo List:

  • Linked Combo Field - restricts the selection in the linked field to one item when a selection is made in the Combo List.
  • Linked Multi-Select Field - allows multiple selections in the linked field when a selection is made in the Combo List.

Linked fields have a hierarchical relationship, which allows the List/Additional Forms Admin control over user responses by limiting the number of options in a secondary (linked) list when the user makes a selection in the primary (combo) list. The relationship between a combo list and a linked field is complex, and Administrators should carefully plan the association before adding linked fields to an additional form or to an additional field in a Profile.

   A linked field can be added to a company, contract, and project additional form, and to an additional field in a Company, Contract, and Project Profile screen.

In the steps below, which use the example provided in the Adding a Contract Additional Form topic, the List/Additional Forms Admin first adds items to the combo list. Each item that is added to the combo list will automatically display in the linked multi-select field, and item selections can be added for each combo list option.

1.  Create an additional form and add a combo list to the form, and then associate the combo-list with a linked combo field or linked multi-select field using the Lists feature.

2.  Click the Gear Icon in the Navigation Toolbar, and click the Lists links.

The screen displays an alphabetical listing of categories. Additional forms are listed alphabetically as categories.  Additional fields are listed under the categories: Company Additional Fields, Contract Additional Fields, and Project Additional Fields.

3.  In the List Administration screen, locate the Combo List by typing its name (or the first few letters of its name) into the Search field, and pressing the ENTER key on your keyboard.

4.  Click the combo list in the Fields List section to select it and display the existing list items in right side of the screen.

5.  (Optional) Clear the Alphabetical check box if you want the items to appear in the list in the order you add them, instead of alphabetical order.

6.  Click Add in the toolbar to add a blank record.

7.  When a New Item record displays:

  • Click in the Name field to enable it, and enter the name for the item selection.
  • (Optional) Click in the Description field and enter a description for the list item to provide users with information or instructions when they hover over the item. 

8.  Repeat steps 6-7 to add more selections to the combo list.

9.  Click Save.

10.  In the List Administration screen, locate the Linked Combo Field or the Linked Multi-Select Field that is associated with the Combo List, and click it to select it.  

  All of the item selections you added to the Combo List display in a hierarchy, allowing you to add item selections for each option.

11.  Right-click the icon for a Combo List option to display an Add/Delete menu, and select Add.  

12.  When a New Item record displays, click in the New Item field to enable it, and enter the name of an item selection for the list option.

13.  Repeat steps 11-12 to add more selections, making sure to add at least one item for each list option.

14.  (Optional) Click Icon Expand Hier.png to add a second tier of items to a list, or a multi-select list.  In the New Item record, click to enable the field, and enter the name of the sub-list item for the list item. 

15.  Click Save.

  Once you add list items to a linked field in an additional form, you can edit, disable, and delete the items.