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Clause Lists Overview

This page applies to: Conga Contracts

The Clause Type, Category, and Security field lists in the List Administration screen are used to define and manage the clauses that a user with the Clause Admin permission can add to the Clause Library.  Therefore, a user with the Clause Admin permission should also have the List Admin permission.

When adding a clause, the Clause Security field list controls user access to the clause, which works in conjunction with the clause security defined in their user role(s).  A user can view the clauses at the security level set in their user role, as well as clauses at lower security levels. A user accesses their Clause Library by selecting the Clauses link in their My Place menu.

The clauses in the Clause Library serve as alternative language for a contract's terms during contract negotiations and renewals.  Clauses are also used in the Clause Identification & Management module, and can be inserted into a creation template during the contract creation process.

A List Admin can perform the following tasks associated with the clause field lists: