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Adding an Information Panel to an Additional Form or Field

This page applies to: Conga Contracts

A user with the Additional Forms Admin permission can enhance the design of a Company, Contract, or Project additional form by adding column headings and then grouping fields under the appropriate headings using an Information Panel.  An Information Panel can also be used to organize the additional fields added to a Company, Contract, or Project Profile screen by adding headings to draw attention to the fields, ensuring users capture the requested information.

1. Locate the additional field or additional form that needs the Information Panel, and display its Profile Edit screen.

2.  Click Add Information Panel in the toolbar.

3.  Locate the panel in Column 1 or Column 2, and click on it to select it.  An active field is outlined with a red segmented line and its properties display in the Field Properties table.

4.  In the Field Properties table:

  • Type over the existing text in the Display Text field to provide a name for the panel.
  • Make a selection in the Style list to select a style for the panel.
    • None - text display is the default system text.
    • Exclamation - display is a pink background and an "!" icon.
    • Important - display is a blue background and an "i" icon.
    • Bold - text displays in a bold font style.

5.  Drag-and-drop the Information Panel to the desired location in the screen.

To delete an Information Panel, right-click on the panel and click image234.png.

6.  Click Save.