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Editing an Additional Form

This page applies to: Conga Contracts

A user with the Additional Forms Admin permission can edit an additional form by changing the properties of any of the fields in the form, including the name of the field, the Quick Tip that displays when a user hovers over the field, and making the field required or optional.

If an additional form contains a special field list, the Additional Forms Admin can update the Person Filter (Person Field), edit the Parent Field (Linked Combo Field or Linked Multi-select Field), or alter the Default Value (Hyperlink Field).  The Admin can also add more fields to an additional form, but they cannot delete any of the existing fields, or delete the form. However, a field can be hidden so that users no longer see the field when they add the form to a Company, Contract, or Project Profile.

Other edits include re-designing the form by adding/removing headings (Information Panels), moving fields from one column to another, and updating a form's restrictions.

In the steps below, we are editing a contract additional form, but the procedure is the same for a company additional form and a project additional form.

1.  Locate the additional form that you want to edit, and click on it to display its Profile Edit screen.

2.  In the Additional Profile Edit screen, the following edits can be made:

  • Update the Form Name and/or Description fields.
  • Click Add Field in the toolbar to add a field.
  • Edit a field's properties by clicking on the field to select it.  In the Field Properties table:
    • Select true in the Required? list to make the field required, or false to make it optional.
    • Enter or update the information in the Quick Tip field to assist users in populating the field. 
    • Rename the field by clicking in the Field Label field and type over the existing text.

  The Field Properties table may include the following fields:

  • Decimal Precision (present for Currency field) - the number of decimal places can range from 0 to 5.
  • Parent Field (present for Linked Combo Field or a Linked Multi-select Field) - a different Combo List can be selected as the parent field for the linked field.
  • Person Filter (present for Person Field) - the function of the person named in this field can be changed.
  • Default Value (present for Hyperlink Field) - the URL for a website can be updated.
  • Move a field by clicking on it to select it.  Hover over the field until the icon navigation.png icon displays.  Click on the icon, and then drag-and-drop the field to the desired location in Column 1 or Column 2.
  • Add or remove an Information Panel.
  • Hide a field in the form.
  • Update the restrictions for the form.

3.  Click Save.