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Hiding an Additional Field

This page applies to: Conga Contracts

An additional field that has been added to the Additional Fields section of the default Contract, Company, or Project Profile cannot be deleted. However, a user with the Additional Forms Admin permission can prevent users from populating the field by hiding the field.

A field in an additional form can also be hidden.

In the steps below, we are hiding a field in the Additional Fields section of a Contract Profile, but the procedure is the same for a Company Profile and a Project Profile. 

1.  Locate the contract additional field you want to hide, and display its Profile Edit screen.

2.  Locate the field in Column 1 or Column 2, and click on it to select it.  An active field is outlined with a red segmented line and its properties display in the Field Properties table.

3.  Right-click on the field, and click .  The hidden field is grayed out.

To delete an Information Panel, right-click on the panel and click image234.png.

4.  Click Save.

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