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Profile Rules for Requests

Profile Rules allow Administrators to use if/then statements to perform actions, like hiding/showing fields or assigning a default value to fields, when certain conditions are met.

To access and setup Profile Rules:

  1. Click the Gear Icon at the top of the page and select Contract Request Type.
  2. Select the Request Bundle to which you'd like to add a Profile Rule.
  3. On the Request Type Bundle Edit screen, click on the Request Bundle name.
  4. Click on Profile Rules.
  5. Under the Rules, select Add Rule, and give the rule a name and optional Description.
  6. Under the Conditions, click Add Condition and select the conditions you want applied to this rule.  If you don't have any conditions to add, skip to the next step to create an Action without any Conditions assigned.

     For example, you can set Field to Agreement Type, Operation to In, and Value to Individual, so that when the Agreement Type is an Individual, the assigned Action takes place. 

  7. Under Actions, click Add Action and select the actions you want applied to this rule. 

     For example, you can set Action Type to Default Value, Field to Attorney, and Value to an attorney nameso that when the Agreement Type is an Individual, the assigned Action takes place and the request defaults to the selected Attorney. 

  8. Click Bundle Configuration and select Save.
  9. The rules you created are applied to requests.




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