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Adding Questions for a Creation Template

This page applies to: Conga Contracts

One or more sections of a contract document that is being used as a creation template can be eliminated based on individual customer requirements. To achieve this customization, a user with the Creation Template Admin permission adds a question to the template and links the question to a system action to remove a section when the user provides a particular response to the question during contract creation using the Creation Wizard.

Questions are added after the Creation Template Admin formats their company's contract so that it can be used as a template in the Creation Wizard, and maps the merge fields in the formatted document to system fields, additional form fields, and clauses stored in the Clause Library.

1.  In the Creation Template Edit screen, click the Template Questions tab.

2.  In the Questions section, click Add Question.

3.  In the blank question record:

  • Click in the Question Text field, and type in a question whose answer will determine whether or not a numbered section of the contract should be removed from the document.
  • (Optional) Click in the Question Description field, and provide information or instruction to assist users in answering the question.

4.  In the Answers section, click Add Answer.

5.  In the blank answer record:

  • Click in the Answer Text field, and type in a possible answer to the question.
  • (Optional) Click in the Question Description field, and provide the user with the impact on the contract if they select this response.

6.  Repeat Steps 4-5 to provide all other possible responses to the question.

7.  In the Answers section, locate an answer that requires a section of the contract to be removed, and click on it to select it. 

  Typically, only one answer will require the action of removing a section in the contract.

8.  In the Actions section, click Add Action.

9.  In the Action Type list, select Remove Section or Remove Table

  • Remove Section removes a numbered paragraph in the contract, and Remove Table removes one or more additional form fields.

10.  In the Action Actor list, locate the numbered section that should be removed from the contract, and click on it to select it.

11.  (Optional) Repeat Steps 7-10 to add a second action for the same answer, or to select another answer that requires a section of the contract to be removed.

12.  Click the Creation Template Fields tab to return to the default view.

  • If the Creation Template is complete, ensure the Active? check box is selected to make the template available as a selection in the Creation Wizard.

13.  Click Save.

Once you have completed the mapping and added questions/actions to the template, you can set up restrictions to control the types of contracts that can be created using the template.