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Uploading a Document Revision for a Creation Template

This page applies to: Conga Contracts

A user with the Creation Template Admin permission can edit a creation template by uploading a revision to the original document used to create the template. However, any new merge fields (variable information) in the revised document will have to be to mapped to system fields, additional form fields, or clauses. If needed, new questions and actions may also have to be added to the template, as well as additional restrictions on the contract types and groups that can use the template when a user runs the Creation Wizard.

Before uploading a revision to the document used to create the template, review the list of documents that have already been uploaded as revisions.

1.   Click the Gear Icon in the Navigation Toolbar, and click the Creation Templates link.

2.   In the Creation Template Browse screen, locate the template that needs the document revision.

3.  Click the template record to display its Creation Template Edit screen.

4.  Click Upload New Revision.

5.  In the Add New Revision prompt, click Yes.

6.  In the New Creation Template screen:

  • Click Browse to open the File Upload window, navigate to the document revision, and click on it to select it.  Click Open to upload the document.
  • (Optional) Update the name and description for the template.
  • (Optional) Update the type of document you are uploading from the list of available document types.

7.  Click Save.

8.  When the screen refreshes, review the mapping:

  • Locate any blank fields in the System Field Name column. 
  • Click the Clause Mapping tab.
    • Locate any blank fields in the Clause Name/Clause Type column.
    • Map a clause in the Merge Field Name column to a clause in the Clause Library.

9.  (Optional) Select the Active? check box to activate the template and make it available as a selection in the Creation Wizard.

10.  Click Save.