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Editing a Task List

This page applies to: Conga Contracts

You need the List Admin permission to edit a task list.  A task list can be edited by changing its name and/or description, or assigning the responsibility for completing a task in the list to a different user.  A task list can also be edited by adding more tasks to the list, editing the existing tasks in the list, and deleting one or more tasks from the list.

1.   Click the Gear Icon in the Navigation Toolbar, and click the Task Lists link in the menu.

2.   In the Task List Browse screen, locate the task list you want to edit, and click it to select it.

3.  In the Task List Edit screen, make any of the following updates:

  • Task List Name - click in the field and change the name of the task list.
  • Task List Description - click in the field and change the description of what the task list was created to accomplish.
  • Task List Item Subject - click in the field and update the task (or step) in the task list.
  • Task List Item Owner - click Icon D Arrow.png in the field to display a list of users, and click on another user's name to select them and assign them the responsibility of completing the task.
  • Click Icon Add.png Add Task List Item to add another task to the list.
  • Click the  icon for a task to remove it from the task list.

4.  Click Save.

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