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Bulk Data Loading Overview

This page applies to: Conga Contracts

Bulk Data Loading allows a user with the Bulk Data Upload Tool permission to upload information for up to 10,000 companies, contracts, and additional forms simultaneously using an Excel template. Conga Contracts provides a separate Excel template for each data category: Company, Contract, and Additional Form, which results in the creation of Company Profiles, the addition of Contract Profiles to Company Profiles, and/or the addition of Additional Forms to existing Company or Contract Profiles.  However, the Bulk Data Upload Admin can use their own Excel spreadsheet, providing the headings in their spreadsheet conform to the naming conventions used in the headings in the furnished template, which exactly match the default and additional field names in the default Company Profile screen, Contract Profile screen, and Additional Form.

Standard Bulk Data Loading involves downloading the furnished Company, Contract, or Additional Form template, populating the Excel template with the necessary data, and then uploading the completed template back to Conga Contracts.  The Bulk Data Upload Admin must then map the fields in the completed template, as well as the selections for the lists, to the names of the fields and the list items in the Profile screen or the Additional Form, making sure they match exactly.  Once the matches are verified, the data is then uploaded, creating a new Profile or Form and auto-populating the fields with the furnished data.

When performing a bulk data upload for new companies, the Company template must be populated with data and uploaded first since Contract Profiles are housed in Company Profiles. After successfully uploading the Company template, new Company Profiles are created and the fields in the Profile screen are auto-populated with data from the template. The Contract template, which includes the name of the company or the company number, is then populated and uploaded, resulting in Contract Profiles being added to the appropriate Company Profiles. When an Additional Form template is populated and uploaded, each field in the form is mapped to the correct Company or Contract Profile, which creates the additional form in the associated Profile.

To protect against any errors made during data upload, the Bulk Data Loading process is reversible.

A user with the Bulk Data Loading permission can perform the following tasks associated with the process: