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Locating an Imported Record (Bulk Data Upload)

This page applies to: Conga Contracts

Previous bulk data uploads are listed in the Imported Records Report view of the Bulk Data Upload Tool Imported Records screen. The screen displays the type of bulk data upload (Company, Contract, or Additional Form), the date of the upload, and the number of records uploaded. 

1.  Click the Gear Icon in the Navigation Toolbar, and click the Bulk Data Upload Tool link in the menu.

2.  In the Bulk Data Upload Tool screen, click Imported Records in the toolbar.

3.  In the Imported Records Report screen, view the information for each bulk data upload.

  • Click on a column heading to sort the data uploads by object type (Company, Contract, or Additional Form), date, or the number of imported records.

  You cannot view the imported records or the Excel spreadsheet used in the import.  From this screen, you can only view bulk data uploads and reverse an upload.

4.  Click Back to Bulk Data Upload Tool in the toolbar to return to the default Bulk Data Upload Tool screen.