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Downloading a Bulk Data Template

This page applies to: Conga Contracts

You need the Bulk Data Upload Tool permission to download the Company, Contract, and Additional Form templates that you can use to enter information simultaneously for several companies, contracts, and additional forms.  Once you complete the Excel template by populating the fields with data, upload the company, contract, or additional form spreadsheet so that Conga Contracts can create the Company or Contract Profiles using the information you provided and/or add Additional Forms to existing Company or Contract Profiles.

Instead of using the furnished template, you can use your own spreadsheet, as long as it contains headings that match all the required fields that are currently present in your Company Profile screen and Contract Profile screen, as well as any required fields in an Additional Form.  When using your own form, simply upload the completed spreadsheet for companies, contracts, or additional forms.

1.  Click Admin in the Navigation Toolbar, and click the Bulk Data Upload Tool link in the menu.


2.  In the File Select view of the Bulk Data Upload Tool screen, select Company in the Object Type list.

  • Select Contract in the list if the Company Profile(s) already exist for the bulk contract data you are uploading.
  • Select the name of the additional form in the list if you are uploading bulk additional form data, and the Company and/or Contract Profiles already exist.

3.  Click Download Template for Selected Object Type in the toolbar.

4.  When the template downloads, click the Company.xlxs or Contract.xlxs link, or the link that reflects the name of the additional form.

5.  When the Excel program launches, and the template displays, rename and save the template.


6.  (Optional) Resize the columns in the template to display the full name of the field and accommodate your data.

7.  (Optional)  Remove any optional or additional fields from the template if you do not want to capture data for those fields.  Do not remove required fields from the template.

8.  Populate the template, and then upload the completed company, contract, or additional form template.