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Uploading a Bulk Additional Form Template

This page applies to: Conga Contracts

You need the Bulk Data Upload Tool permission to upload a completed Additional Form template back to Conga Contracts.  Prior to uploading the template, you must download it and populate the required fields with data. For an additional form field that is a list, the information entered in the template must exactly match one of the options for the list, as defined in the List Administration screen.

Alternatively, you can use your own Excel spreadsheet as long as the headings in the spreadsheet exactly match the field names in the additional form.


During the upload process, the fields in the template are mapped to the fields in the Additional Form and the data is validated to ensure there are no errors. A successful bulk data upload results in the additional form being added to Contract Profiles or Company Profiles.


1.    Click Admin in the Navigation Toolbar, and click the Bulk Data Upload Tool link in the menu.

2.    In the File Select view of the Bulk Data Upload Tool screen, upload the completed additional form template:

  • Select the additional form in the alphabetized Object Type list.
    • Additional forms are preceded by Company or Contract, followed by a colon and the name of the form.
  • Click Icon Browse.png in the Data Loader Import File field.
  • In the Open/Upload window:
    • Navigate to the completed template, and then click it to select it.
    • Click Open.

3.    When the Open/Upload window closes, click Continue to Mapping in the toolbar of the Bulk Data Upload Tool screen.

4.    When the Field Mapping view of the screen displays, verify all the field names in your Excel spreadsheet exactly match the Additional Form fields.

  • If there is a field in Excel Column Header column that is not mapped to a field in the System Field Name column, click the Cancel button to reverse the upload, correct the column heading in your spreadsheet, and then re-upload the file to avoid an Error Report. 
  • If there is a mis-match between any two fields, which is due to a typo in the name of a column heading in your Excel spreadsheet, click in the System Field Name column to activate the list, and manually map the fields by selecting the correct field name.

5.    Click Validate Excel Data in the toolbar.

  If Conga Contracts is unable to match a column heading in your Excel spreadsheet to an additional form field, or match a data entry in the spreadsheet to an item selection in a field list, an Error Report screen displays. Conga Contracts pinpoints the exact error by identifying the mis-matched field, or the inability to locate an item selection for a field list, and also provides the Excel spreadsheet row in which the error is located.  Correct the error and repeat the process of uploading the template.


6.    When the Review Data view of the screen displays, verify the additional form data to be uploaded is correct, and click Import Data in the toolbar.

7.    When the Import Complete prompt displays, click OK.


8.    In the Imported Records Report view of the Bulk Data Upload Tool Imported Records screen, verify the correct number of additional form records is displayed.  The most recent import record displays at the top of the list, along with a time stamp for the import.

9.    (Optional) Confirm the upload by searching for the new additional forms that were added to the individual Company or Contract Profiles in the Profile's Additional Forms screen.