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Conga Support

Installing SalesConnect

This page applies to: Conga Contracts

SalesConnect can be installed in the Salesforce Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform from the Salesforce AppExchange. 


1.  From, enter Conga Contracts in the Apps field, and click  .

2.  In the search results, click Icon SC.png, and then click More when the icon refreshes.


3.  When the screen refreshes, click  Icon Get It Now.png.

Click Watch a Demo to watch on demonstration on how to use the Salesforce application in Conga Contracts.

4.  When the screen refreshes, click Log in to the AppExchange.

5.  In the Salesforce login screen, populate the Username and Password fields, and click Log In.

Select the Remember me check box if you want Salesforce to remember your user name between sessions so that you only have to supply your password. 


6.  When the screen refreshes:

  • Click Install in production to begin using salesConnect in your production environment.
  • Click Install in sandbox to test SalesConnect before going live.  The word "test" will be included in the URL of the Salesforce program screens.

  If you choose the Sandbox option, you will need to repeat Steps 1-5, and then select the Install in production option when testing is complete. You will also need to clear the Sandbox check box in the Conga Contracts Integration Settings screen for Salesforce.

7.  When the screen refreshes, click the terms and conditions link and read the terms and conditions for using Conga Contracts and Salesforce.  Click the I have read and agree to the terms and conditions check box.

8.  Click Confirm and Install.

9.  Define the integration settings for Salesforce in Conga Contracts.