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Mapping Salesforce and Conga Contracts Fields for SalesConnect

This page applies to: Conga Contracts

Once you have integrated Conga Contracts and Salesforce, which includes mapping a Salesforce contract type to a Conga Contracts request type and contract type, you can map individual fields in the Salesforce Account, Opportunity, and Contract Type screens to fields in Conga Contracts Company, Contract, and Location program screens so that information is transferred from a Salesforce contract request to a Conga Contracts Company Profile or Contract Profile after the request is approved and the profiles are created.

You do not have to map the Salesforce Account Name, Billing Address, or any of the fields in the Contract Request Type page used to create the request since this information is automatically transferred from Salesforce to Conga Contracts once the request is approved.

1.   Click Admin in the Navigation Toolbar, and click the System Settings link.

2.   In the System Settings screen, click the Integration Settings tab.

3.   In the Integration Settings screen, click the Salesforce Settings tab.

If your Conga Contracts environment is not integrated with Docusign (or Adobe Sign) or BidSync, the Salesforce Settings screen will automatically display.


4.   In the Map Salesforce Contract Types... section of the screen, locate the contract type who fields you want to map, and click its Icon Edit.png  icon. 

  The Salesforce Account Name field is automatically mapped to the Conga Contracts Company Name field. 


5. Use the Salesforce Field Mapping window to identify the Salesforce and Conga Contracts program screens:

  • In the Saleforce list, select Account, Opportunity, or Conga Contracts Contract to identify the Salesforce program screen whose fields you want to map to a Conga Contracts field.  
  • In the Conga Contracts list, select  Company, Contract, or Location to identify the Conga Contracts Profile screen containing the field that needs to be mapped to the Salesforce field.

6.  Use the Salesforce Field Mapping window to map individual fields:

  • Click Add Mapping to add a blank mapping record.
    • In the Salesforce Fields list, locate the field you want to map, and click on it to select it.
    • In the Conga Contracts Fields list, locate the corresponding field, and click on it to select it.
    • Click Save.

7.  (Optional) Add additional field mappings for the same program screen by repeating Step 6.  


8.  (Optional) Add field mappings for a different Salesforce program screen by repeating Steps 4-6after clicking Add to close the Salesforce Field Mapping window, and clicking Save in the Salesforce Settings screen to save your recent mappings.

9.  Click Add to save the mappings and close the window.

10. In the Salesforce Settings screen, click Save.