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Home page and Portlets

This page applies to: Conga Contracts

The screen that displays once you log in to Conga Contracts is your user Home page. The Dashboard contains a Navigation Toolbar with drop-down menus that link you to program functions and stored data, and also allow you to customize your user preferences.

The Home page is also used to house portlets, which are miniature browse screens that provide quick access to the Company, Contract, and Project Profiles that you frequently visit, as well as the My Contracts portlet, which identifies the Contract Profiles that name you as a responsible person.

In addition to the Profile portlets, you can add other types of portlets to your Home page, which will remind you of upcoming events and tasks, display your recent messages, allow quick access to your contract requests, as well as any contract requests you can approve.  Other portlets can be added to remind you when you have been assigned to complete a workflow or flow step, approve a supplier registration, or perform a task associated with a document package or an eSignature package during the electronic signing process. 

If you frequently use Search Queries, you can add several Search portlets to the Home page to provide easy access to search results.