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Overview of User Preferences

This page applies to: Conga Contracts

The User Preference options allow you to customize the display of data in your Conga Contracts program screens, manage your contact information, change your password, control the email notifications you receive for the program tasks that you are responsible for completing, and manage the applications linked to Conga Contracts that are available to you.

You can manage the following user preferences by clicking on the person icon on the left hand side of the Navigation Toolbar, and selecting your name.  If you do not have permission to edit your name, physical address, and contact information, the fields in the Name, Address, and Contact tabs will be grayed-out.  However, you can to access the Email Signature field in the Contact tab.

  • Name and Title changes
  • Address changes
  • Contact updates, including your contact phone numbers, email address to be used for system email messages, and the signature block to be used when you send an email from Conga Contracts.
  • Password updates
  • System, which controls the language used in program screens, the format of dates and numbers in program screens, and the time zone used in sending email messages for event alerts and other time-sensitive tasks, as well as calculating the duration of open tasks, flow steps, and workflow steps.
  • Portal, which controls the number and type of email messages you receive when you are a member of a document package, participant in the eSignature process, or reviewer for a supplier registration.
  • OAuth, which lists applications that have been linked to Conga Contracts and are available to you.
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