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Conga Support

Managing Your Contact Information

This page applies to: Conga Contracts

User preferences allow you to manage your contact information, including phone numbers and the email address you use for messages received from Conga Contracts. However, if the fields are not accessible, you do not have permission to provide or edit your contact information, but you will still be able to edit the Email Signature field.

1.  Click on the person icon in the Navigation Toolbar, and then click on your name.

2.  In the User Preferences window, click on Contact tab.

3. Provide your contact information.

4.  Edit the Email Address field if you want to change the email address you want to use for the messages you receive from Conga Contracts.

  The Email Signature text box is used to capture the signature block that will be used when you send an email message from Conga Contracts.

5. Click Submit.

  You can click between all the tabs and make changes without losing the data entered on each tab. Simply click the Submit button on any tab when you have finished making your changes.