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Conga Support

Updating Your Theme

This page applies to: Conga Contracts

Those who are currently using the Classic theme in Conga Contracts automatically updates to the Modern theme with the 8.1 Release in February 2018. 

1.  Click on the person icon in the Navigation Toolbar, and then click on your name. .

2.  In the User Preferences window, click the System tab.

3.  In the Theme list, select Modern.

4.  Click Submit.

There are some primary differences Classic users will encounter when they switch to the Modern theme: Navigation, User Links, Portlets, Browse Screens, Profile Screens, and Wizards.


The Navigation Panel, which is located on the left side of every program screen, has been replaced with a Navigation Toolbar, which displays along the top of every screen. Clicking on any link in the Navigation Toolbar displays a drop-down menu with links to a browse screen or a program feature.

User Links

The Preferences, Help, Dashboard, and Logout links are now accessible from a menu that is launched by clicking on your name, instead of clicking on individual links.

In the Modern theme, you can also click on the Conga Contracts logo (or your company logo), located in the top left corner of every screen to return to the Dashboard.


The Add Portlet window provides a brief description of each portlet, instead of just listing the available portlets.  The window is accessed by clicking the Add Portlet button in the Dashboard in both interfaces.

Browse Screens

Browse screens in the Modern theme have a higher color contrast, more pronounced headings, updated icons, and enhanced organization, which all promote usability. 

Profile Screens

Profile screens in the Modern theme, such as the Contract Profile screen, use a new layout that enhances readability. The headings that separate sections of information, such as Term and Renewal, Additional Fields, and Links have been enhanced to promote identification. Links are also easier to access due to increased spacing between the links.


Wizards in the Modern theme, such as the Report Wizard, have a higher color contrast, more pronounced section headings, and are easier to use.