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This page applies to: Conga Contracts

Conga Contracts uses icons to denote key items, dates, events, and links to program task screens. The table below provides a list of the program icons and a brief description of each.



Icon Magnifyer.png Search for a record or data item
Icon Search Clear.png Clear filtered search results

Add Item, Begin Processing, Manage Users & Add Document (Document Package)

Edit item, Continue Processing Contract Request, Reopen Contract Request, Reassign Workflow Step

Icon Delete

Delete item

Display Calendar

Run Report, Run One-Click Report, Preview Report, View Document List (Search Results), Run Document Package Report

Copy, Copy to Clipboard

Display Multi-Parties

Launch Workflows, View History

View Global (document, report), View Document Package Invitation

Icon Excel.png

Export to Excel

Launch PDF

Print, Multi-Print, Multi-Party

Mouse-over Tip, Help

Launch Wizard

Schedule Event

Schedule Event for Contract Original Expiration Date

Display Flow Properties and Options

Complete/Re-open Task, Complete Document Package, Submit Contract Request, Approve Workflow Step

Download Document

Check In Document (Document Package)

Check Out Document (Document Package)

Undo Check Out Document (Document Package), Cancel Submission (Contract Request)

Lock Document (Document Package)

Unlock Document (Document Package)

View User Email Settings (Document Package)

Review Envelope, Reassign Contract Request

Submit Document Package (Envelope) for Electronic Signature

View Document Package Profile

Sign Document (Document Package)

View History, View Revision History (Document Package)

Jump to Contract Profile, Go to Scorecard

Jump to Company Profile

Icon NewSign.png

Sign Here (DocuSign)

Icon New Initial.png

Initial Here (DocuSign)

Icon Date Signed1.png Date Signed (DocuSign)

Add Contact Number

Complete Workflow, Reopen Task

Approve Workflow Step

Payment Forecast (View, Create, Edit, Delete)

View Help


Clear search

Refresh the data in Browse screen

Resize field or column (width)

Resize field or column (width)

Resize section, window, portal

Move item up in list

Move item down in list


Expand / Collapse


Expand / Collapse Hierarchy

Mark as Entity

Configure Portlet Properties or Profile Links

Delete Portlet, Close Window, Exit Contract Profile Event Alert pop-up window


Expand/Collapse Additional Parties, Portlet, Contract Approval

Expand/Collapse Links Navigation Frame


Maximize/Minimize Links Frame in Profile Screen

View History

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